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Welcome to Costume Makeup

Foreword by Fran Fernandez

Costume makeup: most Americans rate Halloween as their most favorite holiday of the year. If you love Halloween or just going to a costume party, forget the traditional hot mask and let Fran create fun faces through the art of makeup.

No need to have your vision obstructed by a mask or having trouble breathing! Let your skin and your own features take on a character of your choice through the art of makeup what would make it more personal and unique, assuring you're not to be just another one in the crowd!

Fran specializes in airbrush makeup that isĀ better than any mask!

Consultations are recommended.

Some character makeup must be researched to ensure all materials are available.

Costume makeup will be priced out by the job.


Trick your friends and treat your kids.

View the pictures below for some of Fran's work and her ArtisticĀ team!


Halloween Skeleton Halloween 2013 Christina with the Skeleton Halloween 2013 Skeleton



Halloween 2013 Skeleton


Halloween 2013 Zombie


Halloween Skeleton


Halloween Skeleton

Mr. and Mrs. Zombie

Halloween Skeleton

Zombie Bride

Halloween Skeleton

Zombie Groom

Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann


Kat Von D


Sock It To Me Girls

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie

( Angelina Jolie )

Cloe Cabrera BeforeCloe Cabrera After

Cloe Cabrera, fashion editor for the Tampa Tribune, as a Zombie

Joan Rivers BeforeJoan Rivers After

( Joan Rivers )

Lady Gaga BeforeLady Gaga After

( Lady Gaga )


( Cleopatra )

Marilyn Monroe

( Marilyn Monroe )

Villans and Vixens Fashion Show 2011, where Fran and Jenny, one more time, showed skill and creativity resulting in a great job! Hope you enjoy it, 'cause WE DID IT!
Here we have our own Captain Jack Sparrow before, during and after the makeup done!
Doesn't he look great?

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